Perspective view doesn't set CPlane (like I thought it used to)

I have ‘Named Views set CPlane’ checked on.

Whenever I select Perspective view from anywhere it always has the CPlane set to the CPlane from the last named view I used. I thought it used to always set the CPlane to world top, which is what I’d like it to do.


Yeah, not sure exactly why it works like this - maybe because in principle any perspective projection view is technically “Perspective”. In any case I have a macro that ‘restores’ Perspective:

_SetView _World _Perspective
_Zoom _Extents
_CPlane _World _Top

YOu can see that you actively need to set the CPlane back. Don’t know why this works to change the viewpoint though when just

_SetView _World _Perspective

doesn’t. This macro is ages old in my setup, so this behavior has been there for a long time…

Thanks. I created an Alias/macro to restore the world top cplane. Your idea makes more sense, saves looking for the perspective view button.

Maybe there could be an option so Rhino does restore the CPlane when setting perspective view. Someday.