View Changes to same name regardless of Axis of orientation

The UI seems to default to changing a user-set name of a View to whatever View name is chosen from the menu (Plan, Front, RIght, etc.). Maybe this can be overridden, but it’s caused me a problem:

It makes the same name change regardless of the CPlane the view is oriented to.

When a Custom View is already named “Custom” and the view subsequently set to “Plan” (for example) with respect to a custom Cplane, the UI changes that view name to “Plan”, just like it has defaulted to for views wrt to the World axis (or any other axis) system. It’s thus easy to have many views named for the same standard view (ie Plan in this case) but all oriented to different Cplanes. Confusion ensues unless a user anticipates this behaviour and remembers to change the view name back to “Custom” every time. Maybe the default should be an asterisk if a view isn’t wrt “World”, or to include the CPlane in the view name, or something different still.

Hello - the Plan command does not set the view name - do you mean you have a named view called Plan? But if your comment is the more general one where a viewport label does not necessarily mean that the view is what the built in or named view would be if set from scratch, then yes, this can be confusing…
Named views can reset the CPlane when restored though - Options > View page.