R8 Named CPlanes Bug

Sometimes I can’t tell with a new version whether I’ve found a bug, or just a… new way to work. This seems buggy to me.

When I restore a Named Cplane, the resulting cplane seems to depend upon the View setting.

So if I’m in Top View, I’ll get a different cplane than if I’m in Front View.

Named Views seem to be working as expected, so I’m using those now instead.

Hello- - can you please post a file that shows this - can you also make sure Auto CPlane is not enabled when you test- just in case.


Named Cplanes.3dm (286.0 KB)

Hello- this is the plane that is called Front Pull - it does not corrspond to the ‘Pull’ planar surface - is that what you expect?


No, but it works correctly when I’m in Front View. Try restoring the user-created named cplanes in both top and front view, and see if you get different results.

Hello- it seems consistent here.