Setting Print Color for multiple curves doesn't stick



In the latest WIP release (8.0.23024.12306, 2023-01-24) for macOS, it seems like the Print Color attribute from the Properties: Object sidebar can’t be set for multiple, selected curves. The new setting simply doesn’t stick! I haven’t tested whether other printable geometry types are afflicted.

The curves had custom print colors set, I wanted to revert them all back to “By Layer” Print Color.

When selecting the curves individually, this works fine.

My current SystemInfo can be found here.

Hi Marc -

That appears to work fine, here.

FWIW, I get this when I check for the latest public WIP:

Rhino for Mac 8.0 WIP (8.0.23031.14306) was released 8 hours ago


I’ve just updated to the latest WIP release (8.0.23031.14306, 2023-01-31) and this is still the case.

Thanks, Marc -
RH-72739 Properties: Setting Print Color for multiple objects

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