Cannot change curve print colour!

I need to save my rhino document as a pdf and my print colour for my contours are black. I am trying to change this to white, so I have selected the curves (88613 curves) and I am trying to select the custom print color in the properties menu but my computer just won’t load it. I just get the loading symbol for 30 mins +. Is there an easier way to change the color of a large group of curves so that it doesn’t take so long? I am very new to rhino and my project is due very soon! Please help!!

Hi Victoria,

Here are a few things to try:

Select a smaller portion of your curves (say 500 or less), change the print color, and then lock those curves so you don’t select them again. Repeat until you’ve changed everything.

Try exporting just the curves you need to modify into a new Rhino 3dm file and change the curves there. then, import them back into your master file.

Try exporting these curves again, this time, check the “save small” and “geometry only” boxes at the bottom of the export dialog box. This should remove any attributes your objects have assigned to them. Now, you can assign print color by layer.

If you’re still having trouble, upload your file here.

You might also try this script - it did about 30K curves in 3 seconds here… (588 Bytes)

To run the script, copy it to your desktop, inside Rhino, call _RunPythonScript, browse to the file and hit Open. It will ask you to select your curves, then pick a color from the color picker.

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