Set layer print color to layor color

When I set the print color of a layer, and later I changed my mind and want the print color to FOLLOW the layer color, how can I go about and do that? I am able to manually set the print color the same with layer color, but it won’t change automatically when I change the layer color again.


Hi Vincent - right-click on the print color swatch and choose ‘Reset print color’ from the menu.


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WOW! That is very difficult for me to find it by myself. Good to know, thank you very much!

I agree it’s not very easy to find - I had to hunt a bit myself, and I’m supposed to know.


Hi Pascal,
when we import DWG’s printcolors might deviate from layer color.

So is there a way to script the following:

  • setting all layer colors to print colors
  • and then resetting the printcolors so they follow the layer colors automatically again?

Hi Jorgen - - right now, I do not see anything in RC for the latter - I’ll ask…


I did an if-not-same; set-same-color and that seems to fix it.

Scratch that…
I typed that after closing Rhino, so it does not reset it.

A way to link them back together with out having to right-click the layer-print-color icon and choose “Reset Print Color” would be great! Preferably as both a command and as a Rhino Common tool.

rs.LayerPrintColor(layer, None) would be a logic way to reset IMO


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Yeah, I looked in the RC API to see if there was some function like that, but there isn’t yet. So once you set the print color of a layer to something else, you cannot change it back to “follow layer color” - the cutting of the relationship is irreversible. One workaround would be to create new layers, move the objects to that, then delete the old layers, but if you have a whole layer tree to manage, that’s pretty complicated and could potentially mess a lot of things up.

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Yup, that would mess things up for blocks with content on different layers for sure…

So when needed I will have to go through the process of resetting it manually… :expressionless:
But I can live with a simple set-print-color-to-same-as-display-color script for now.