Setonedaysunanimation + vray - batchrender?


I’ve been trying to do sunstudies with the setonedaysunanimation command.
Normally i could render the different times a day just by setting the sunanimation and using the record command after allowing batch-render in the v-ray options.
Now the button is gone - and i cant find a way to do it - when trying to render it stops and says ‘wait for the current render to finish’

I hope someone can help.

Best Regards.

Hi Rasmus,

There is no longer a “batch render” option. That was removed in 3.x versions. Since Rhino 6 there is no longer a record animation command, the native Rhino animation tools provide support for rendering animations natively.
What you need to do (presumably you’re using the latest V-Ray Next for Rhino version - 4.20.03 and Rhino 6) is to set up your animation via setonedaysunanimation command, and then open the V-Ray Asset Editor and enable animation rendering. Additionally you may need to tweak animation properties (enable motion blur, render specific frames, etc…)

Then just render. V-Ray will render the animation sequence as set up

Best Regards

Thank you Nikolay.
So far so good. I am now able to do the renderings after each other.
However even though i set up the setonedaysunanimation, it does not seem to show any cast-shadows on the renderings. Furthermore im not able to save the renderings - only the last one.

i am using V-Ray for Rhinoceros 6 4.20.03

Best Regards

Hi Rasmus,
Please take a deep loop at the Asset Editor. You will find a Render Output rollout just above the animation rollout. You can specify the output file(s) location, format, and file format options

For the missing shadow - check if the sun is actually turned on - either from the Rhino’s Sun Panel,
or Asset Editor Lights panel (they are both connected).

If you’re having a Sky texture, check if it is properly set in the Environment rollout. Depending on the sun intensity you may want to modify the camera exposure. Usually if the sun’s intensity is 1.0, the exposure value shall be around 14.3 (Check the Camera rollout)

Thank you for your help - it finally workes.