24h sun study functionality

Noticed that it has a 24h sun study but searched the help and it doesnt seem to have a section how it works. So i start it, set up the time, the place and hit ok. Then what? I press render but it just does 1 render, no sun study here.

Also tries to click the “play” which is used for rotated rendering but yeah, i dont have a path so it doesnt do much. How do you work a simple one? I just did a small box to try it out and then hope to apply it to my project.

I think this might still be broken? It was messed up last time I used it during the beta process.
@rajaa or @andy is this working now?

What are your settings? I tried setting the times from 12:00AM to 11:30PM and was able to set it. I used PlayAnimation to view it. Is that what you are looking for?

Strange! I clicked it now and its actually showing something. However, I want to put this on a board. Where is this getting outputted out? Do I need to do some extra step to actually get these images/this sequence? Cant find it, I search the animation name and no hits on my harddrive.

Hi Goran- By default the animations should go here, with your user name in place of mine:



Just by clicking the play button? There is nothing like that in my folder but also it seems kinda strange, it plays in like 5 sec, if it generates tons of images then it feels like it should take longer time.

Btw, i think i realized why it first didnt work but then later did. I changed from the rhino sun from the vray sun. Maybe that helps someone.

Click the ‘RecordAnimation’ (red dot) button…


Haha thats stupid of me. But okay, it only shows black even though the animation in rhino shows all different colors and shades. Whats wrong?

Are you using Rhino render or a plug-in like V-Ray?
In the second case you have to check the batch render option in the render options Windows.