Rhino 1 day sun animation with Vray 3.4

I want to render a 1-day sun animation using Vray as the renderer. Is it possible that this is not possible?

Using record animation - I can use Rhino Render and Rhino sun and the shadows move as expected, I get my 60 frames I could compile together to make the animation.

I change to Vray render, using “record animation” - it will render out 60 frames but the shadow just stays where it is, in the same place. It’s just the one static sun position that is set using the “sun” command, not aminating anything.

I tried - Vray sun with RHino Sun and Rhino sky, and then also trying to connect to Vray, I set the Environment and GI (skylight) to be Sky/ RHino document sun)

Tried a similar thing with the Vray sun - all those end up the same, 60 still frames with sun (and hence shadow) in the same place.

Is it possible to use the rhino one day sun animation using Vray as the renderer? Or do i need to use grasshopper or something the animate the sun “light” object?

Seems to have been discussed here: https://forums.chaosgroup.com/forum/v-ray-for-rhino-forums/v-ray-for-rhino-public/966070-render-with-vray-3-the-shadow-study-animation

Ah yes I found that after posting this, and that’s me adding to the
discussion. The new Vray sun render seems like progress, but you have
limited controls over the quality and type of light - it seems like it
creates this temporary light for a fraction of a second (you can see it pop
up and disappear in the asset manager) - how do you control the color,
intensity, harshness of that temporary directional light like you would any
other vray light or sunlight?

Maybe because this is a newer feature there doesn’t seem to be great
documentation on it .
From the tutorial video on their website, the Bongo sun animation tool also
seems to require an RDK renderer.

Hi Mmiller,
Sun cycle animations were mentioned in V-Ray 3.6 trailer, which introduced new animation workflow. Update your V-Ray and try if anything changes for the better after you create your sun cycle animation.

Look for this item in V-Ray Asset Editor afterwards:



Thanks Jonish I did see that (I did get the sun to animate as noted using that workflow)- my updated question was about specifically the directional light used as the sun when running an animation and how to control its parameters

It it only temporary and appears during the animation render per frame, so it’s not available in the light lister

That was the question not addressed- I believe I watched the whole vray 3 trailer and didn’t see them talk about the light controls for a sun animation.

time: 3:27 and forward.


So I had watched the hour long intro to Vray 3 not this video, they did not
show what light they were using here or how they set the
intensity/temperature (that was my remaining question)

Another post had mentioned turning off ALL lights as Vray creates a temp
directional light but that’s either old or not the best workflow.

It’s the Rhino sun you use, and you adjust settings for color intensity in
the Vray light lister, making sure VRAY suns are turned off.

Per the video, you use the rhino sun animation interface to setup you
location/times. Then you use the Vray render interface, activating the
animation toggle (and you render with the Vray teapot, not the Rhino
animation tools “record animation tool” I had tried that as well and that
doesn’t work)

Save image toggle in Vray- make sure that’s on and you set a folder to
save the frames, otherwise it renders all of them but then you can only
save the last one from the VFB