"please wait for the current render to finish" Vray

I am trying to run a sun animation following a Youtube video I’ve included a link too. When I try to start rendering using “record animation” i get the pop up error message saying “please wait for the current render to finish”, Rhino then saves one frame to the destination folder and continues rendering without saving anything else… I have seen a topic just like this on here already but it is a couple of years old and the solution for it didn’t work for me.

I am using Rhino 7 and the latest Vray.

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There is an other way: at VfR 4 and 5 there are animation options at VfR. First setup the Rhino animation. Than you setup the output directory at VfR and enable animation. Now you only need to press the render button of VfR. On this way the scene isn’t loaded for every frame again and you should get a faster rendered animation. Also camera motion blur is possible.

@Peter.Chaushev But the classic way per internal set batch mode should work too. I hope a fix will help.

Strange, RecordAnimation should not be available from 4.2 on. It was Rhino 5 workaround where the SDK did not gave us any animation APIs. This is not the case for V6 and later.

@Nikolay @Peter.Chaushev I get this problem at Rhino7|Bongo3|VfR5 now and I’m looking for a solution for my current project. I would be very glad to use V-Ray for this animation and I would like to tell my client when V-Ray could be used. So, how can the internal activated batch mode enabled?

your only option is with a script.
I tried it with Bongo 2 and it works, since Bongo 3 crashes for my on load. I hope the command name to set the current frame is the same
anim_bongo3.py (368 Bytes)

Interesting, I don’t know this way. How can this script be used for Bongo? How doe’s it work?

My animation is over 240 ticks and I need to render 1500 frames over this range.

On the other side Bongo 3 and VfR5 are running together here. Is there a way to enable the batch option? My client would be super happy to get the animation rendered per V-Ray.

Thank you for trying to help me. :slight_smile:

No way to batch it. The script simply manually sets the Bongo frame index and then renders it, and all that in a loop over 0-99. You need to set the proper frame number in the first variable, unless there is a command to fetch the bongo animation length.

Ah… and there might be no way to cancel the sequence. You may need to put up some UI with a cancel button.

I wonder about “BongoSetCurrentTick”. Doe’s the script render tick by tick? My animation is 227 ticks long and I need 1500 frames for 50s and 30fps.

Also, it’s a high risk to use the script since if there is an error during the 1500 frames or a crash than I need to recaculate the whole animation. A Bongo animation can be restarted and the rendered frames are kept. Or if the is an other issue (render errors, …) I can delete the critical frames and restart the animation and only the deleted frames are rerendered. I used the function often and it’s a big time saver if a whole animation need several hours.

It’s a pity to see that the crash issue is gone but V-Ray still can’t be used.

The script is very simple and basic. It lacks any fail-safes, error handling etc…
It does render frame-by-frame, and “BongoSetCurrentTick” seems to mean “set current frame”. I don’t know the details, but it works for me.

It is not about any “crash issue”. It is not about any issues at all. it is about compatibility. V-Ray simply do not “talk” to Bongo 3, because its SDK is not final. we cannot release something that is statically linked against a RC/Nightly/Build/whatever temporary SDK currently Bongo 3 has. I don’t want to link against a temporary DLL interface. If I do so, the release we potentially put out will be for ever bound to that specific version of the Bongo 3. If you want to get updated Bongo, it not only won’t work with the released version of V-Ray - it will simply crash Rhino bad. Yes - the entire Rhino process.
Be patient and wait for the final release of Bongo 3.

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