-SetDisplayMode Rendered and Raytraced are the same

There is a Rendered mode, which should be the same as the one in Rhino5, because it is very useful when doing texture mapping. And there is the new Raytrace mode.

But now in -SetDisplayMode Rendered and Raytraced are both raytraced. Is this a bug?

Please keep Rendered mode the same as in Rhino5, and make a new mode called Raytraced together with a new button for it in the Display Toolbar.

Rendered mode has had great improvements. Screenshots would help, since -SetDisplayMode Rendered does not switch to the same mode as -SetDisplayMode Raytraced here.

Rendered mode does not look the same as in v5: skylight, improved reflections, etc. In many cases Rendered and Raytraced could look quite close to each other…

Hi @nathanletwory,

I see on your screenshot that the left side (raytraced?) does use cycles while the right side doesn’t.
On my machine, both of them run Cycles.
Please check my screenshot.


Go to Rhino Options and find your rendered display mode. There is a button at the bottom that lets you reset all settings to default.

hi @wim,
It worked, thanks!

You may have accidently set Rendered mode to use the Cycles renderer and forgotten about it?

In Tools-Options-View-Display Modes, the Rendered mode was not written in blue, therefore it should have been on default settings.
Current renderer is set to rhino render
In Render - Current Render there’s no option to set Cycles.

So from where can I set Cycles ON/OFF for render mode?

@andy did make small adjustments to Raytraced, but not to Rendered mode AFAIK. This still could be a bug, so I’ll try reproducing for while.

The current renderer setting doesn’t affect those bits, you can drill into display mode settings and set the realtime renderer used.

I just noticed that setting the realtime renderer does not make the mode name blue. @andy should have a look at that tomorrow

When search in settings will be implemented, finding these things would become more easy.

Yup, and the request has been logged.

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