R7 Beta: Rendered v. Raytraced

Dear McNeelies,

Now that things have stabilised into the R7 beta phase, could we have a succinct summary of the relationship between these two viewport modes? My understanding is that both are now powered by Cycles - is that so? What are the key differences between them? Which settings have the same effect and which do something different? How does the same material render differently in the two modes? How does each viewport mode relate to the full-blown Rhino render?


p.s. If you point me at documentation which answers my questions you get more brownie points than if you answer ad-hoc :wink:

Rendered mode != Raytraced mode. But in v7 Raytraced == Rhino Render.

Not looking for bonus points now as I am about to fall asleep (:

With a little research I found Scott’s post New Render Engine in Rhino 7 WIP which seems like a good starting point. Even leading me unto documentation (I get to keep the brownie points).