Renderviewport in wip7

playing with v7 rendered viewport (not raytraced)
Pretty pleased with the result.


I think the default Rendered viewport is using Cycles now. Check the options.

I cannot find the option to switch to the legacy renderer :frowning:

nope… cycles is used in raytraced mode or standalone render only.

This is rendered viewport and is a working mode.

Sure a lot nicer than when these buttons were just for seeing something other than a wireframe :smile:



Very nice indeed - no inter-object reflections though (:


Am I wrong that WIP’s rendered mode is using cycles, just like a dialed down Raytraced, to have it calculate quickly. I see the “dusty”/“cloudy” particles one sees when using Raytraced not finished.

Yes. You are wrong.

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That’s just the viewport optimization for faster fps when manipulating the view.