Request: Searchable options window

Many modern “preferences window” type interfaces include a search bar to quickly locate particular settings - I think this would be a nice addition to the Rhino Options window. I could just type “autosave” in the search bar and have it highlight or direct me to the Files setting tab. I know that now we’re in Beta we probably won’t be seeing any new features like this one… but I thought I’d register the wish anyway in case it’s easy :slight_smile:


Does the advanced section come close what you seek?

It’s nice that that one is searchable - but I am looking for a decidedly NOT “advanced” feature. I know a beginner user would likely be scared away by that dialog. The visual studio Options dialog is a good example of what I have in mind:


Request logged

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Using web technology it would be simple to make Rhino Settings searchable and even grouped and displayed in different ways.

// Rolf