Set Phase demolished to None


I’m trying to set the Phase Demolished of certain elements to “None”. Does anybody know a way to do this?
I tried plugging a textpanel into the Query Phases component, but this yields no output at all (not even a ‘null value’).
Also plugging this text directly into the Element Phasing component (obviously) also doesn’t work.
Who can help? :slight_smile:

Hi @Mike_van_Houtum_ZJA,

On the ‘Element Phasing’ component
You can righ click on the Input and select ‘None’ from there.

You can do it aswell from any floating ‘Phase’ parameter.

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Wow thank you, that was easy :slight_smile:

Somehow I get this error if I use the “Element Phasing” or the “Phase” parameter:

What type of elements do you have on ‘E’?

I have all elements visible in view… and that made me think I should have filtered them cause maybe some of the don’t have a phase parameter… I did filtered them but the error still persist:

What type of elements do you have on ‘L’ after culling?

They are mixed elements, although they are all elements with a phase parameter defined. The cull pattern is used to remove items that does not have a phase parameter set.
Could the problem be that some of these elements inherit the phase parameter from another object, so the phase cannot be set for them but need to be set to the object of higher hierarchy? (like rail elements or stair risers… or similar?)