Rhino.inside Revit Phase Display and Demolition

Hi there, I am tinkering with Rhino.inside Revit and am amazed. Nice work! I was able to get most of the filters for geometry, floors and phases working, but am having issues with walls that were demolished in a phase still showing up. Any direction in how to address this would be much appreciated! Many thanks! BP

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@Mr_Benjamin_Pearce Hi! How are you collecting the walls? Screenshots of your GH definition would certainly help me understand better

Hi Ehsan, Thanks for getting right back to me.
Here is the gh definition I am using. Works great in all respects, except I cannot figure out how to filter out the walls demolished on this or previous phases. I should also point out that this is using design options. Thanks so much for having a look and for any suggestions you may have. -BP

Okay take a look at this model and grasshopper definition and let me know if it is not clear :smiley:

FilterElementsByPhase.gh (14.6 KB) Phases_v20.rvt (348 KB)


That’s it! I only had to go find the parameter in the long dropdown menu, but it worked like a charm. Should also work for a ton of other things. Thanks so much.

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