Element Parameter Value --> String Conversion Issue

I used the Rhino.Inside ‘Get Element Parameter’ component to extract specific parameter values. However, for some reason the output does not think it’s a string, even when I feed it through a Text node. at the next component I always get a ‘Invalid Cast: String >> String’ error.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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its the null items, they aren’t removed by clean tree either. Sort of like an <empty> list but a little nastier.

text length will give you a real null to cull by.

Btw, the Get/Set parameters are extremely slow (its deep in the database), Inspect Element will be a lot quicker.

Oh man, yeah Inspect Element really wins out aside from being a large component once you active all parameters. Also, I was able to get the Cull to work using text–> Null Item and then using the Invalid Item output but your way with the text length is equally good (if not slightly faster). Thx!

See this also for upcoming feature (Cull Null)

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