Filter geometry by Phase in Rhino

Hi! I am trying to export geometry from Revit to Rhino and classify it by Phasing. So far I have managed to do it by category, but is there a way to make it using phases (Existing or New Construction)? I have been trying using the Phase Status Filter, but I have not been able to make it work.

When I export the geometry by category and then use the Element Phasing component, I can access the phases. The problem with this workflow is that I do not have any control over which first element I am going to get from Element Phasing (it can be demolished or not) and that makes it difficult to create a script that can be used with different Revit models. This is because the result is a list of Revit phases and not numbers, and therefore the value of the first item of the list, whether is demolished or not, will always get a 0 or a False, because there is no way to associate a specific value to one of the two possible phases (unless there is a way of making this, which would solve my problem).

Any advice will be appreciated.

If I understand it correctly, you want to send your Revit model to Rhino and organize it in some way by their Phasing. If that’s the case, then following might help you. You must have Elefront installed.

I created some walls in Revit and set some of the walls Phase Created parameter as Existing and rest is New Construction. Using Element Parameter, I get their Phase Created parameter and defined it and its value as an attribute in Rhino. For better sorting and info, I set their Id in Revit as their name.

Hope this helps. If not, please share an example file so we can better simulate your error on our side.


Elements with Phase (10.7 KB)


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Hi, thanks for your answer. It is not exactly what I was looking for, but I was able to figure it out (see image attached). The “Element Name” component transforms the values of the Demolished phase into strings, that I can use to discard or selected the elements depending on their phases.

In any case, thanks for the Elefront suggestion! I will keep it in mind for future workflows.