Service release problem

On the left is my current service release; on the right my settings. When I check for new service release I get ‘Your installation of Rhino is the newest available’, despite SR7 being released on the 7th. Any ideas? Win 7, Rhino 5 64bit, latest windows updates. I have been running Rhino (minimised) for several hours over the last few days and I don’t really want to download the whole thing manually unless I have to.

This seems to be a problem that is not on the radar of McNeel or that is not getting fixed.

@brian may be able to shed light on this. In the mean time, a manual download from this URL seems the only solution:

Can confirm the problem on a win7 laptop. SR5 installed, checking from the help menu results in Rhino saying it’s using the latest available. Changing the update freq field to Service Release finds a newer SR.

This seems to be solved in SR7 (which I’m running currently). It correctly reports that SR8 is available when navigating to this page:

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