Rhino 5 Service Release 7 Available

Rhino 5 Service Release 7 (SR7), built 7-Dec-2013, is now available.

Dozens of stability improvements and bug fixes are included in SR7.

Rhino will download Service Release Updates in the background and prompt you to install, or you can download manually.

Posted Dec 09, 2013 by Brian Gillespie on Rhino News, etc.

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When I manually check for updates from the Updates dialog (automatic updates are broken probably due to our firewall being very strict) I still get 5.6 as the most recent. When using SR release candidate check, I do get the 5.7.31207.07545 version as the most recent, which matches the version of the executable download in the link provided above.

FYI, I am currently on SR4.

I think this is something for @brian.

Rhino checks for updates once every day or two, not every time you view the
Updates dialog box. If you don’t see updates coming down in the next day,
please let me know.

  • Brian

Brian Gillespie
Rhinoceros Development
Robert McNeel & Associates

@brian, I was doing manual checking. Then I get redirected to this URL https://www2.mcneel.com/updates/60515f84-8f7f-41da-801d-1c87e32f88f5/release/win64/en-us/stable/5.4.30524.11065

Today, on that page it still shows the following link as the most recent version available http://files.mcneel.com/dujour/exe/20131028/rh50Release_x64_en-us_5.6.31028.18305.msi

As you can see this is 5.6, not 5.7.