Rhino 6 Deployment Problem

Hi all,

We have really a big problems with service releases
I think it is more a fully installation then a update.
The problem which we have at the moment that we created a offline installation with bootstrapper and run this with the following command line. Because we are using SCCM so we can deploy this to all workstations.
This is for a basic installation and this is working but if we do this for a new service release with the same command line it isn’t working or even it asking “Rhino need a license” and not through the ZOO?

For your imagination we have 230 workstations and 103 Rhino licenses running with the ZOO


Marc Dijkman

@brian something for you to look at?

Hi @m.dijkman,

From your description, I’m having trouble understanding the problem. Can you please tell me:

  1. What version of Rhino SR are you deploying?
  2. What version of Rhino is installed on the end user computer?
  3. When you install an update with the above script, you say “if we do this for a new service release with the same command line it isn’t working or even asking ‘Rhino need a license’”

Can you please give me more details about what isn’t working?

Also, in your temp folder (paste %temp% into your address bar in My Computer, then press Enter), there are a bunch of Rhino_*.log files - please zip and send them to me so I can see what the installer thinks it is doing. You can send them in a private message by clicking my icon, then clicking Message.

Hi Brian,

I’ve send you all the details but didn’t hear anything from you?

For other people’

  1. Version “rhino_en-us_6.4.18130.19341.exe” and made a offline installation with command -layout
    For installing Rhino 6 command line with parameters “Bootstrapper.exe -quiet LICENSE_METHOD=ZOO ZOO_SERVER=…unstudio.com COMPANY_NAME=UNStudio SEND_STATISTICS=0 ENABLE_AUTOMATIC_UPDATES=0”
    Then Rhino 6 has been installed but without the parameters for SEND_STATISTICS=0 ENABLE_AUTOMATIC_UPDATES=0 they are still enabled?
  2. See number 1
    3.Version “rhino_en-us_6.5.18155.13161.exe” service release. Did the same as number 1 first for the offline installation. Then the same command line for the installation.
    This version has been installed but when you start Rhino 6 it is asking "Rhino need a license’”. So it isn’t using the ZOO license server anymore.

Please help us with this because we can’t use Rhino 6 at the moment when we can’t install it on a descent way. For now we are still using Rhino 5 for all workstations.


Marc Dijkman

Facing the same problem. Having the installer run as a package during the task sequence seems to install Rhino but if you don’t launch the program as an administrator first you can’t launch it. Once launched as admin you can run as a regular user after that.

Using the following - rhino_en-us_6.5.18155.13161.exe -package -quiet -norestart LICENSE_METHOD=ZOO ZOO_SERVER=“zoo server IP” SEND_STATISTICS=0 ENABLE_AUTOMATIC_UPDATES=0

Nothing in the %temp% folder prior to running as administrator.

The SEND_STATISTICS and ENABLE_AUTOMATIC_UPDATES switches don’t do anything.

UPDATE - because the update switch doesn’t work when Rhino detects a newer version it will upgrade. At this point it no longer sees the Zoo server and asks for a license. Not good!

At my company we are seeing the same issue with any install where the system installs it (not a user with admin rights). Until we initiate UAC (run as admin but you can just hit cancel) Rhino 6 will never ever launch for our users. We are deploying with SCCM App model but any install by system and not a regular user does this for us.

Any of you who are experiencing this issue, I’d like to do a remote control session with you to see how SCCM works, and what happens when it installs but doesn’t start. We don’t have SCCM here, and don’t have any experience using it - so I’ll need to rely on your expertise to help me understand the shortcoming of our installer.

Please private message me if you’re willing to work in person on this issue.

I also have the same issue. I am able to install Rhino and set it to use the Zoo for licenses.

When I try and launch Rhino as a user nothing happens.
Launching it selecting run as admin, Rhino loads up as expected.

Once Rhino has been launched once as an admin, it can be launched as a user.

This really needs to be fixed.

Did you use these instructions for deploying Rhino V6?

Yes I did follow the instructions. I think this happens due to SCCM installing it under a system account. Worked fine with Rhino 5, just 6 being troublesome.

Note I’m using rhino_en-us_6.7.18210.11281

Hello Brian,

Is there any update from this problem?

Marc Dijkman

Any update ?

Really hoping this can be fixed as were getting asked to install Rhino on a lot more machines, and really want to use SCCM to prevent manual work.

Could it be due to the installer trying to write files to a user location (logs etc), however via SCCM it will install it as a system account that doesn’t have all the same directories that an actual user has?