Server and Geometry Table

Sorry if this ends up being a long message, I’ll start from the beginning.
The first issue started about a month ago. It would take hours for rhino to open and I would get a pop up saying the server is busy with options to ‘retry’ or ‘switch to’. Neither would do anything and I could not close it. I temporarily fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling rhino but it started happening again about a week ago. I then deactivated some programs running in the background and defragmented my computer but that only worked for a day.
The new issue started occurring yesterday. When I try to open Rhino It tells me that the program needs to make changes to my hard drive. I allowed it. Then, when Rhino does open it tells me the file has a corrupted geometry table. I have no idea what that means. I googled a bit and attempted the Recover3dm command but wasn’t sure how to use it and didn’t want to mess it up further so now I am asking you for help.
My final project is due Wednesday, I have to have my Rhino file completed by tomorrow morning. If I can’t resolve this problem today I will fail two very important classes.

Well, at this point I hope you have a backup file somewhere… If the geometry table is messed up, the file has been corrupted and the chances of recovering it are not very high… In the same directory as the file, you may find a file with the same name but a .3dmbak extension. You can try making a copy of that, and rename the extension to just .3dm. If that works, that will be your file as it was at the next to last save you did… better than nothing.

Otherwise, you can try the Rescue3DM command, Recover option on the corrupted file to try and read what you can - have a look at the command line options. First try to read all, if not you can try reading objects one at a time…

But beware, if Rhino is behaving like that, there may be something seriously wrong with your system, perhaps the hard disk is failing or the system itself is corrupted…

Good luck, --Mitch