Unreadable geometry object and damaged geometry table ...why?

saved file normally on laptop, open it onto Tower unit and receive this warning. first saying Unreadable geometry object then go no to that and get damaged geometry table warning, again go no.

I open the 3dmbak file on the laptop and it opens ok. save it as a different file (v2) , open it onto tower and it opens.

This has the potential to also come up with that error as its no different to the one that did.

Now I wish to find out what geometry object could be responsible, nuke it and remake it. Would that be the way forward ?

How should I proceed from here ?

On a side note…this file is now 108Mb, it was 76, it grows every time I make more half sphere bites into another solid, pity they cant be blocks.

With an aircraft full of rivet holes I hate to think what would happen, smoke from PC probably.


Hi Steve - how did the file get from laptop to tower?



It opens as that error both on laptop and tower.

file transferred from laptop to tower (and vice versa) on a usb HDD, that file was a ‘save as’ and renamed differently on the laptop to its internal HDD, then copied to usb HDD, then opened onto tower.


It’s possible that your portable HDD has a problem…

oh sh*t, sounds like this is a known cause,

V important question…is it the only cause though ?

I am using it to transfer all my current work back and forth tower lappy tower lappy etc, so far only this file affected.

The drive is the last one I bought, recently I had a usb stick go corrupted losing all files, same purpose of transit.

It takes the winXP laptop a while to recognise the usb HDD, slower now having replaced its 80Gb HDD with a larger one.
I wonder if the problem lies in the laptop ?


If you saved the file normally on one machine and you can re-open the same file on the same machine afterward without a problem, but it will not open on transfer to another machine, the first thing I would suspect is the transfer process/medium. --Mitch

Do you leave a copy on both systems or are the files on the usd HDD the only copies?

There are many, many ways to loose data on a portable HDD:
theft, fire, water, accidents of another nature, read/write erros, hardware failure, viruses, malware etc…



it failed on both.

Created as a new save as on laptop to internal HDD, copied to usb HDD then onto tower internal usb HDD, it then for its first opening on tower failed,
went back to laptop and opened it and also it failed.

opened 3dmbak on laptop and ok, so saved that as v2. put that onto usb HDD and onto tower internal HDD, that opened ok.

I do normally have a copy on both, this one was based on another file for some exploratory work and as such never existed on both, failing on its introduction to the tower, so almost losing me an evenings work.

If the problem doesnt lie in the file but with means of transit then I dont need to identify the rogue item and remake it.


And, if you don’t mind the fact that the NSA can read your files if they want to, cloud storage is reliable and relatively cheap - Dropbox for example is $99 per year for 1Tb. And, you can use it for transfer between machines - sync is automatic, you don’t even need to think about it, your files are always there on all your machines, and you have as many backups as you have machines, plus the cloud server.


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NSA…what is NSA ?
I dont like the thought of anyone accessing my files, confidential and valuable as they are.
laptop not internet connected, so it runs fast, and it does, or did, spec a bit low now for latest progs.

Is this transfer the only known cause or can such things happen within a file, seeing that when I opened it back up on laptop from where it was first saved, it also was corrupt, that points to it being laptop save or Rhino creation/save based, corrupted before it ever saw the inside of my usb HDD.



Why Mitch mentioned it:

Dropbox specific reading material:


Yep. In that case there was a problem while Rhino was saving… what caused it is unknown.


Hi, NSA …now I know, how do they know to only look at persons within USA, I am sure they look beyond as well, for the UK it would be GCHQ…and I bet they look beyond UK.


Steve, when you went back to the laptop and could not open the file, was that file the one on the HDD, or was it one which had remained on the laptop?