Unreadable geometry object / table / history

appears my computer shut off overnight, and i had rhino open. this morning, when i try to open the file, rhino provides three errors in succession, all with Yes/No answers. First deals with “unreadable geometry object,” next is “unreadable geometry table,” last is “unreadable history”. i’ve tried multiple iterations of yes/no answers. i either get taken to a blank document (usually answering no), or a document with a full list of layers and sublayers from my original files (however, the entire model is empty). the file size still shows up in windows ~75mb, and the timestamp for when i last saved is correct. any ideas for how to access my model would be greatly appreciated.

That doesn’t sound too good. I would send that file to tech support - you can do so on this page: http://www.rhino3d.com/upload

Also, do you have Autosave enabled?

I think your best shot will be to grab the most recent autosave file… You can find its current location in Options>Files. If you don’t have autosave on… oops.

You might see if there is a .3dmbak file with the same name in the folder with the original file, that will be the next-to-last save you made of the file - unless you also turned off the auto backup file function in Rhino, in which case you’re going to be pretty much out of luck. The “unreadable … table” errors usually indicate irreparable file corruption.

You could try typing the command Rescue3dmFile inside Rhino and browse to your damaged file - but in my experience recovery rarely works with this procedure (you might get lucky though).