Any ways to rescue a seemingly corrupt file?

Hi everyone. I’ve got a relatively small file (13MB) that just went bad on me. Its got a ton of block instances (approx. 9k) as well as a bunch of layouts with multiple details. I neglected to use enough incremental save to keep good versions as I built up my file. I don’t know what I just did but something went bad after I changed the render display on a couple of details in layouts, but to be honest it was really starting to get flakey before that. The last thing I was able to do was run a pdf print and save. I force quit Rhino, reopened the file but now it is truly broken.
Rhino is not responding. I’m just getting the spinning blue circle that lasts for 5 seconds then a half second pause then back to spinning circle and Rhino not responding. If I’m lucky It lets me push one button before freezing again. RAM just spikes to full usage (currently almost 8GB in task manager).

I know this is a long shot but I’m wondering if anyone has some magic they can point at this and help me rescue this file. Tools, tips, ideas, anything. I can import the model into a fresh file no problem, but that doesn’t import all of my layouts and details, which in this case is where the majority of the work is in this project.
I’m thinking of some script or tool that can run on the backend (since my frontend is unuseable) that will find and or expunge whatever is bad and choking my system. Perhaps even a utility that can be run externally? Dunno, kind of desperate here.


Hi Carvecream- the best shot is Rescue3dmFile . Look for 3dmbak files in the same directory as well, and possibly a RhinoEmergencySave file.


Thanks Pascal. Rescue3dmfile didn’t work for me. Analyze didn’t find any errors. I’m reading in the help file that Recover will only bring in geometry anyways.

Turns out I was able to do some magic on this end. Got the file going again, working on it smaller chunks now. Gonna be laying on the incremental saves from here on.

In my class, we stress the use of incremental save. I recommend every 30 minutes. I then recommend keeping the last five files, so you can delete anything beyond the current group of five (if you’re worried about storage space)

NOTE: Its usually NOT Rhino that crashes. I’ve seen people have a crash due to power outage, video card driver crash, running out of memory, etc.