3D Mouse only works with 1 Rhino when multiple instances are opened

I often work with 2 instances o Rhino opened. Sometimes I am doing different parts of a project, so I can quickly copy past geometry from one to another, and now with the release of the ExplicitHistory, it seems I am using more and more of this setup.
So I have both the official release of Rhino and the RhinoWIP version on my machine. It seems that the 3D Mouse will only work on one of the instances of Rhino, the latest to be opened.
So if I do something in one version and want to do a quick inspection on another instance the 3D Mouse will not work unless I quit the instance in which the 3d mouse is working.
Is this a known issues?

We don’t recommend running two instances of Mac Rhino at the same time. This will cause issues with preferences, recently open file lists, and apparently 3DConnexion devices. If you want to be running ExplicitHistory, run RhinoWIP and open all your models in that version of Mac Rhino.

Hum. Ok.
Is there a plan to make it work with multiple instances?

I don’t think so. The plan was for Mac Rhino to be able to have multiple documents open at the same time. Windows Rhino can only have one document at a time but it was designed for multiple concurrent sessions running.

No. In fact, starting with the next WIP release, Rhino for Mac will refuse to start if there is already a version of Rhino running.

On OS X, only one copy of an application runs at a time. You cannot run multiple instances of Safari, for example. Creating both Rhinoceros and RhinoWIP versions on the Mac inadvertently lets users get around that restriction, and this will be fixed in the next WIP release.

Yes in Windows you can just another instance of the application. I understand that OSX only allow one instance, but as you mentioned you can technically duplicate the folder or install a different version on a different folder and you can open multiple applications that way (as I do with Unity3D, which I have about 6 installs on my machine, different versions for different projects, going back to versions of 2014).
But I guess if Rhino for Mac is heading this way. So be it.
I am still overwhelmed I can work with Rhino in OSX, even is just one instance!
Keep up the good work and thanks for the replies.