Rhino BETA and iMac completely blocked

Tuesday, June 11th The most serious problem happened to me since I use Rhino BETA. I was working on a file of about 1.5gb using snapshots. During the execution of the “_group” command, Rhino froze. It was not possible to save or close Rhino, forced closing was also not possible, not even a restart was possible because the system detected Rhino open. The only solution was to turn off the Mac.
RhinoBETA_Simon.txt (2.8 KB)


Try bootcamp and dont ever expect rhino and mac based O/S to be compatible.

Fancy seeing you here! Rhino for Mac works fine, I have done much work on it.
Sounds like the OP has stumbled across an issue with the Beta, though.

Apologies for insulting the mac users re: ‘dont ever expect rhino and mac based O/S to be compatible.’ i should have said:

Can’t wait until rhino works fully on all operating systems, whether mac or linux - linux and rhino that would be really cool.

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