Different Rhinos running as separate processes

Simple, but probably not so simple question:

Would it be possible to have Rhino run separate Rhino files as separate processes?

The most obvious reason being, that it is much better if one Rhino file is processing a command or crashing/freezing, it would thereby not be blocking all other Rhino instances.

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Mac forces Rhino to be a multi document application so only one Rhino V6 application can be running at a time.

Interesting… So there is no way to achieve this? I was using ArchiCAD for some time and as far as I can remember it would always create a separate ArchiCAD process for each file. So a new instance of the program would launch.

It’s something Mac OS doesn’t “allow” but may be possible, just Google it…

It’s hard to implement, but something I would love to get Rhino to be able to do some day. Applications like chrome do this with fancy management of child processes.

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Okay that’s what I thought… thanks for the answer! Maybe future macOS release will provide better tools to implement this feature.

Would be really cool if that could be done some day - maybe with RH8.


Just curious, could this feature be on the roadmap for RH8?