Rhino file freezes program

I was using rhino last night and it started the wheel of death. I left it till this morning and everytime I try to open it rhino freezes. It is my first time modelling or a uni assignment due Sunday and I haven’t added any third party plugins. I would like to revert to a previous version, before it started crashing but don’t have time machine set up yet. Can anyone help locate a previous version without having to open rhino?

Cheers in advance.

The file is only 12mb and probably has some flaws with layering but was sufficient to my purpose - I just need to export a couple 2d images. Happy to upload file if anyone can have a look



Hi Joseph - a previous version of the file would be there by default as filename.3dmbak That would be the version saved before the last save.

You can send the badly-behaving file to Rhino - Upload to Support to my attention.

Ah, just noticed this is Rhino for Mac… my comments are for Windows - nevertheless, send the file.

Thanks Pascal, have just uploaded the file.

Any assistance greatly appreciated, today if possible as I’ve a deadline this weekend. Loving the program but I have thrown myself in the deepend and learning the hard way.


Hi Joseph - It looks like Rhino does not like computing the ‘technical’ data in three of the viewports- emailing you a clean file from our tech support bounces on the email address provided. I’ve tried again, and if it fails, I will upload the file to our server and ssend you a link.