Semi translucent glass that illuminates like opaque glass

Hello everyone,

I am trying to make a glass material that appears transparent but also catches the light and illuminates the way an opaque glass would.

In with my current settings, I can acheive the illuminating quality well by reducing the refraction glossiness. However, I loose the transparent quality. Is can I achieve the “light bouncing around in the material quality” some other way that won’t get rid of the transparent quality?

Here are photos of the material in quaestion (one on the left vs transparent glass on the right). When viewed with indirect sunlight but against a dark background the glass illuminates, when held up against a bright sky the glass appears transparent.

All suggestions welcome

I’m not a Vray person but I think you need to look into the subsurface scattering material to get better control.

Subsurface scattering is used when you need to simulate the scattering inside the volume of an object.
Your is just a thin object, right?
For thin objects (like a paper sheet) you will not see a big difference from a simple transparent but opaque material… but SSS is damn heavy. For your situation avoid using it.

I would try to make 2 different materials, one that is transparent and another opaque, then make a blend material between those 2.

Hi Riccardo, thanks for your reply. Yes my material is quite thin. I could thicken it up to about 10mm if it would help, but since you are suggesting against SSS, I’ll try the blend material first

Thanks for your help Jim :slight_smile: