Backlit plastic

I was hoping for some tips on how to render backlit plastic or better yet a vismat material. I’ve tried clear plastics backlit with an emissive sphere to little success. I would prefer not to have to do it in post. I have the self illumination channel active.

You should take a look at this:

It seems that what you are trying to do is a translucent material.

I am guessing you want a plastic toy material with subsurface scattering like this?

50Cm tall Object Subsurface Scattering Plastic

for version 2. turn on “Subsurface scattering” under standard Vray Mat. and adjust the setting depending on the size of your model.

if you are working on Vray Vers 3. Use Vray SSS instead.

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Thank you,

That’s the tip I needed. I’ve been trying to fake that effect with the bloom and glare effects.