Somebody Can answer this about render glass material

I wonder how to render glass of wine or anykind of liquid in glass jar
it’s always have shadow. that always convert anykind of liquid that add to become black.(shadow)


standard, there are only 5 reflections/refraction passes calculated. To increase the amount, you need to enable the advanced material options. (I don’t have Vray here on this machine at the moment, so can’t point you exactly)


go to this panel and take a look at the value:

you have to adjust it because of the size of the liquid volume you have

if you share the scene i can take a look

I remember rendering a similar scene, and modeled like this:

The glass and the liquid didn’t touch and it worked (the glass is not a solid object). Maybe this will help

You need to decrease the fog multiplier (i think that was the parameter in V-ray Next) in order to get the light pass through the liguid

This is what I want from your example, sir but not success it’s still have shadow

It’s have some gap sir

glass of wine render.3dm (394.7 KB)

I don’t have this option sir :sob:

There are some issues:

A. Your main lighting source is not the rectangular light but this background (i disabled it)

B. You need to increase the power of your rectangular light
C. You need to decrease a lot the fog multiplier value: more than the 0.2 you have.

i did a fast test and added some color to the fog:

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Another test using V-ray sun + V-ray Sky


thank @12Lab

you are the god

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did you managed to solve this issue?

The caustics are missing: a glass without caustics is like a mirror without reflection.

Yes, I got it sir. but not beautiful like you did. :smiley:

I need a lot of practice. If you have some critic you can teach me

So far I know the liquid must intersect with the glass. No gap, no surfaces at the same place. The liquid must be a little bit bigger than the glass and so it should work quite stable.