Selection problem: Cursor is in different position than selection square


this is my first post here, so I hope I’m writing it correctly :slight_smile: I downloaded Rhino 8 WIP, it seems to be great, we are also pretty new to Macbook but I found one weird thing. I checked the forum but didn’t find solution to it.

When I work in Rhino on my external display, it’s a DELL P2417H, everything is fine until I switch to the layout menu and create the 1st layout. From that point on, the cursor is in a different position than the selection square. If I turn Rhino off and on, nothing changes when I approach the layout. I have to delete the created layout (= no other layout is there) and within a second everything works fine again. Anybody else with the same problem? Or am I doing something wrong?

I will try to enclose the video for better illustration.

Thank you in advance

Hi Eliška and Dusan -

Some of those symptoms sound familiar and are on the list (ref. RH-69480 - not public).

Can you confirm that this works correctly when your external display is unplugged?
Also, as a test only, does this issue go away when you use the TestMetal command to use the old OpenGL display mechanism?

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Hi @wim

thank you for quick reply.
1/ TestMetal command fixed it with a legacy OpedGL display, thank you.
2/ It works correctly if external display is unplugged. And it works as well if I just move Rhino window back to macbook display with external display plugged.

Thanks and have a nice day!

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