Selection problem: Cursor is in different position than selection square


this is my first post here, so I hope I’m writing it correctly :slight_smile: I downloaded Rhino 8 WIP, it seems to be great, we are also pretty new to Macbook but I found one weird thing. I checked the forum but didn’t find solution to it.

When I work in Rhino on my external display, it’s a DELL P2417H, everything is fine until I switch to the layout menu and create the 1st layout. From that point on, the cursor is in a different position than the selection square. If I turn Rhino off and on, nothing changes when I approach the layout. I have to delete the created layout (= no other layout is there) and within a second everything works fine again. Anybody else with the same problem? Or am I doing something wrong?

I will try to enclose the video for better illustration.

Thank you in advance

Hi Eliška and Dusan -

Some of those symptoms sound familiar and are on the list (ref. RH-69480 - not public).

Can you confirm that this works correctly when your external display is unplugged?
Also, as a test only, does this issue go away when you use the TestMetal command to use the old OpenGL display mechanism?

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Hi @wim

thank you for quick reply.
1/ TestMetal command fixed it with a legacy OpedGL display, thank you.
2/ It works correctly if external display is unplugged. And it works as well if I just move Rhino window back to macbook display with external display plugged.

Thanks and have a nice day!

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Hi @wim we’ve got one more question. Will be it fixed in the nearest future before official release of Rhino 8? It is quite annoying, so just asking whether to downgrade back to Rhino 7 or not. I think there (Rhino 7) it was without problem how it wasn’t metal. Thank you, Dusan

And we found another thing:

  • If we have all views (top, front, right, perspective) turned on, everything works correctly (still no layout can be set, it does not work then),
  • if I maximize any of these views, the cursor is immediately in a different position than the selection square.

Hi Dusan -

Issue RH-69480 is currently on the “8.0” list, so, yes, the idea for the time being is that this should be fixed before the official release of Rhino 8.

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Thank you for your quick reply, I appreciate it.

RH-69480 is fixed in the latest WIP

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Thank you all, just updated for the last WIP R8 version and and it works as it should!

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