Selection filters?

Are these available? IE, tell Rhino that you only want the mouse to select curves, or meshes, etc? I know you can select ALL objects of one type (SelCrv for example), but that doesn’t seem to be very useful - usually I just want to filter the mouse selection so that I don’t have to worry about picking surfaces when I only want to select certain curves…


Hi David- it looks like that is not in Rhino for Mac yet. It is a feature of Windows Rhino. (SelectionFilter)


Thanks Pascal. How about being able to filter what we see in a given viewport? IE, turn off surface display in a given viewport? I guess this could be in the Viewport Properties panel.


To an extent you can do this in the Display panel in the docking panels on the right. See that?


Yes thanks - I see this. Surface isoparms and Surface edges is useful, but why not just a ‘Surfaces’ checkbox as well, to turn them off completely from the viewport?

Has there been any progress on this? Such a filter would be very welcome.

Unfortunately not. You can watch this issue (MR-692) on our TODO list/bug tracker and get updates/emails when the item “budges.”