Selection Filter Mac?

Hi there, I have just started following the Brian James 'Say Ahh product design tutorial on Vimeo. There was quick tip on ‘Selection Filters’ where you could disable surface selection leaving you only selecting curves. Which is kind of nice if you have a lot of curves in a loft with history turned on. It would cut down on mouse selection?

Can anybody point me in the right direction to find the control panel where I could disable and enable selection filters
I hope that makes sense for someone to help out?

BTW I had a look in help and here on the forums but nada?

selection filters have not been added to the Mac version yet.

Thanks Jeff, I thought that might be the case. Just making sure:)

any updates? i really miss it.


No news yet, I’m afraid. RH-36532.

thanks Dan.

Hi. I’m wondering ‘selection filters’ has become available for latest version; Rhinoceros 6 for Mac, which has been released since last month.

Hi Erica - our issues tracking system is (mostly) open to the public. The link above will tell you that this item is still open.

It is marked with Major priority and the Release target is set to be 6.18. That does not mean that it will be in 6.18 but that we are trying to get it into 6.18.

At this point in time, we are still working on releasing a final version of 6.17.

I couldn’t wait until McNeel ships 6.18, so made the plugin for

Command name is FilterSelection to avoid future release collision.

Edit: actually this is not exactly the same functionality as what windows version offers. Rather than offering the persistent filter, it only filters based on the object types for the active selection.


They should hire you to do this, lol. thanks

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Trying the new test command for the Selection Filters panel
in the v7WIP. it doesn’t seems to work yet… as far as I was able to try it… or perhaps I don’t understand how to use it?

One thing to comment beside the above mentioned.
For SubD there is just one tick in the panel for all the subD objects. Yet it is very much needed to have the filters, filtering Faces, Edges, and Vertex separately. As it is now, it often takes a deep zoom-in and several attempt to select a slightly hard to reach face and not the surrounding edges.

thanks a lot

Hi mnmly
I have tried installing this in Rhino mac 6.2. since RH-36532 hasn’t been sorted yet.
Problem is that your plug won’t install? I downloaded RhSelectionFilter.rhp.macrhi
Once downloaded I double-clicked it, no luck. I tried dragging it onto an open Rhino window. No luck. It asked if it should open, insert I tried both. No luck.
I restarted my system, reopened rhino. Tried selecting various items, typed “FilterSelection” but nothing happened.
I just not getting it to work. Any idea? Thanks for writing the plug and making it public.