Selection masks

I think I’ve brought this up before - are these coming to Rhino for Mac anytime soon? I need to be able to select only curves amidst a viewport of surfaces, solids, cvs, points, dimensions, etc. I’ve tried messing around with Viewport Settings, but it doesn’t give me the same performance as a selection mask would.


Does SelCrv, SelPt, SelDim, etc help?

Edit > Select Objects > … ?

Hi Dan- Not really. This selects all objects of a given type. I don’t get the utility of this… Anyway, what I want is to tell Rhino that - during any given Pick session - I want the mouse to only be able to select Crvs, or Srfs, or whatever. Instead, I’m constantly battling with overlapping objects and the Choose Objects popup. Selection Masks would really help this cause. Selection Masks would be a similar interface to OSnaps box.


You could do this quite simply with a small python script using the GetObjects command, which will allow filtering. But you would have to run the script every time you wanted to do a filtered select.


Hi dwalden, I think this is what “filters” do. During a comand you can decide what type of object to select, right clicking will leave only a type on

Yeah, I don’t know why the SelectionFilter panel from Windows Rhino did not get integrated into Mac Rhino yet, probably not a code problem, most likely like an interface issue like a lot of other UI stuff… I’ve been working on a pretty complex model recently and the selection filter (mask as you call it) is really helpful.


Sorry dwalen, I didn’t notice it was a Rhino for Mac post…

Selection filter support is on the list as but I’m not sure if it will make it into the first release. @dan may be able to say more.

Sorry David, I was clearly confused before. Now it makes sense to me. I see it on our list, thanks to @BrianJ. This will not make it into the initial release of Rhino for Mac, unfortunately, but keep up the lobby for including it in a 5.x (“point”) release.

Thanks guys!