Filter Selection Window

Is there an equivalent to the filter selection window that rhino for windows has? the one with the buttons that restricts object selection to a certain type of geometry (Curves, Surfaces, Etc)? Am I just missing it or has it yet to be added?



i asked about this before after seeing brian use it in one of his videos…

and no, it’s not on mac… yet

ah, okay thank you. I expected that! As excited I am to have an official release of rhino for mac, I can barely wait until the mac version finds feature parity with the windows version!

if by parity you mean grasshopper then i agree! :slight_smile: (i kid, i kid… grasshopper is possibly the biggest example of the following-> )

it’s not as if the selection filters (code) won’t work on mac, it’s that it requires custom UI work since the filters UI aren’t just a normal command dialog… so it’s not necessarily easy or trivial to bring over certain functions… another example would be the _MoveUVN command.

(*as i understand)

OTOH, in Windows, the filter panel it looks the same as the Osnap panel. Which IS implemented on the Mac…


yep. and matchProperties uses a similar dialog. that one was just implemented in the nov.5 (or roundabout) release.

I think any of those mac_y dialogs have to be custom made (like sweep2, blendSrf, networkSrf) whereas something like the _Line or _Arc dialog is more plug&play…

(again, just basically guessing based on which type of dialogs have been implemented when)