Selecting edges of a polysurface in V6

In V6, when I select an edge, the entire polysurface highlights, making the direction arrows very difficult to see. I can toggle through the 2 choices, but the part stays highlighted. I find it quite annoying. In V5, only the edge would highlight along with the direction arrows.Please see the video below:

Is there a setting in V6 that will stop the entire part from highlighting, when it’s edges that are being selected?



p.s. In the example above, I’m using the patch command.

I don’t seem to have this problem?

I think maybe @DanBayn has this checked?

Does make it hard to see stuff. I don’t use this setting so I haven’t experienced the problem either…

Hi Dan - I see this, with Shade highlighting set - I’ll get it on the pile, thanks.