Rhino v6 selected edge display issue

When using tools such as MoveEdge, v6 and WIP v7 do not display the selected edge if it is perpendicular to the view.

For example, in the standard 4 view set up, create a plane in the top view. If you then use MoveEdge and select the front most edge, it will display in all views except the right view where it is entirely perpendicular to the view.

In v5 the highlighted edge would display. Since the earliest betas of v6 this has been missing. It is really important to be able to see highlighted geometry in all views. Not such an issue on a really basic example as shown in the video but when a model gets more complex, it is essential.

The video below should illustrate the issue.

Yes, looks like V6 and later does not display any line - not just an edge - when it is viewed end-on, and this is not just in MacRhino, but also in Windows Rhino. In V5 I do get a very small dot of the (anti-aliased) curve width, up to a setting of 3 pixels. Above that setting the end-on display also disappears.

I also think it would be good to have a dot appear on the screen when selected as in V5.

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I have found with v6 that when selecting a line, that it now automatically shows the control points which can be seen in a view perpendicular to the line. Perhaps that’s an option that I’ve somehow managed to have turned on but others do not?

I did raise this issue right at the start of the v6 WIP but I’ve only just upgraded (too many issues with it when it was released)

No, this option is on by default, but I am not fond of it, so I have it turned off.

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I can see then that any line or edge would not show for you if perpendicular to the view. It’s really a basic thing that any selection should be visible in all viewports.

I hope this can be fixed although I’m not holding out much hope as it’s been like this for a couple of years if the same issue applies on Windows too. And it is not fixed in v7 WIP.

Other display issues noted here: Display issues

Thanks for the report, as mentioned, this is not platform specific so I filed it as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-61072 against both Mac and Windows Rhino for the developers to look into.

In the meantime, I’d suggest turning on the Gumball and using sub-object selection to move an edge. If you enable Snappy Dragging as well with the Gumball, you’ll be able to use Osnaps too and the Gumball location will show in this perpendicular view to identify the location.

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Thanks. I hope it is not intentional and will be fixed sometime. It is a glitch to my workflow that happens numerous times a session.

I’m not sure why the difference exists and honestly hadn’t heard of it before so we’ll need the developers to weigh in. I always have the GB on and do sub-object selection and manipulation for MoveEdge or MoveFace so I hadn’t run into the issue myself. On a 4K display the v5 highlight end on is very tiny too. In my opinion having this connected to the Surface edge thickness setting in the mode would make sense so that you could make it larger if needed.

It would make sense to link to thickness of how the line is displayed in other views although I wouldn’t be averse to it being displayed larger to make it view visible.

This has prompted me to discover this method for selecting points / edges / faces. Thanks, it’s great!

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