V6 Display glitch : no highlight on multiple selection dialog

Hi @pascal ,

It looks like the is an issue with the multiple selection options dialog when hovering over the items in the list does not highlight the surfaces if the display mode does not show surface edges (both main Vport display mode or per-object display mode). It works fine with meshes, but in V6, compared to V5, we get no highlight on hover for surfaces/polysurfaces. Makes it difficult to pick objects quite often…

Here is a visual:



I cannot reproduce this.

Hmm, interesting. Here, any display mode with no surface edges would misbehave and no highlight.
Here is my system info (and working with latest daily build SR10)
SysInfo.txt (2.2 KB)

@Jarek, can you confirm that you are also seeing that with the factory-default Rendered display mode?

Possibly related to this problem that @danbayn reported?

Hi Mitch, changing the default rendered mode to shade-highlight selected surfaces doesn’t make me see what Jarek shows in his screen grab. Are you able to provoke the same effect?

I was able to get some other weird effect doing that, though…

@wim - I didn’t try actually, no time right now, but I thought it might be a related display-code issue if not exactly the same one.

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hi @wim

thanks for the suggestion. The “Default” rendered mode works OK (highlights show even though no edges are displayed). Currently all display models I have over here when edges are not shown, including modified Rendered mode, don’t highlight.

I am attaching my custom RENDERED mode. From there, please try unchecking the “Edges” for surfaces in Display panel and see if the edges still highlight in multiple selection scenario.
Rendered.ini (12.3 KB)

I would be grateful for any help with letting me know what’s wrong either with Rhino or the display mode settings, to make it work with highlights no matter of display mode settings.



Hi @wim,

Here is what I found out: if in the display mode SurfaceEdgeSettings : EdgeThickness = 0 (default in Rendered), all works fine. Now, If I change thickness to non-0, edges show up, but turning off the surface edges in that (or any) mode via Display panel checkbox, the edges disappear, but EdgeThickness stays at 1 (or whatever it was), and the problem of no highlights occurs.

I don’t think any other than thickness setting for showing surface edges is exposed in DisplayModes Options UI, so not to see edges thickness needs to be set at 0. Yet, display panel switches something else.
I looked into exported display mode *.ini file, and there is entry:


My guess is that’s what the Display panel is changing, and the multiple selection highlights don’t like it.
Can you see that on your end by any chance?



Hi @Jarek, one additional requirement for this issue to show up - at least on my end - is that the objects that do not show an highlight either are extrusion objects or have their isocurves turned off.

When you turn off Surface Edges in the display panel, this also affects the edges that would be highlighted. When you try this on non-extrusion boxes, you will see that only the isocurves are highlighted.

I suppose that a case could be made to have the display panel being the top-most control for anything that has to do with the display (and that things therefore work as advertised) but since this worked differently in RH5, I would say that RH5 behavior should be kept. (Even though I find that RH5 doesn’t do this completely as expected either…). I’ll YT this.



hi @wim

good observations - I think we nailed all the conditions when it happens.
Over here by default newly created objects don’t have Isocurves ON (setting in Options) since we almost never need that. So probably that’s why we run into this issue quite often.

I think in no scenario there should be no highlight, so V5 behavior was correct / expected.

thanks for looking into this!