Selection highlight differences in V6

We have noticed some different behaviour between V5 and V6 in how the selection highlight colour is used. In V5 while the selection window was open the edges were highlighted but the surfaces were not. You can see that here:

In V6, the entire object takes on the selection highlight colour while you make your choice:

Is this intentional? Some of our people feel that visibility was better with V5, but if this is how it is, then we will get used to it. Same can be said for selecting edges, and the whole surface highlights. This is probably the second most common question I’m being asked by our team (the first is “What happened to the Between Osnap?”) Anyway, here is a short video showing the surfaces being highlighted when I’m after the edge:

Maybe there is an option to not highlight the entire surface when selecting edges? If not, we will get used to it.



Have you tried unchecking Rhino Options > View > Display Modes > [your mode] > Objects > Selection > Shade-highlight selected surfaces and polysurfaces?

Yes, it doesn’t affect the selection highlighting as far as I can tell, only once the selection is made.

(I’m wrong about this as you can see below).

I might be missing something, but it doesn’t look like the surfaces are highlighted when selecting an edge:

Deleted a dumb question.

Okay, I think I see what’s going on here. The setting you mentioned above is unselected in your example, but selected in mine. The setting seems to be spilling over into selection highlighting, whereas in V5 it only applied when the selection was made. I think that’s the issue here. Perhaps it was always meant to be this way and was broken in V5?



I never used that setting before (and only briefly for a while now before a bug with selection not drawing isocurves was fixed) and am probably not the right person to ask. My gut feeling is that there should be no difference between “during selecting” and “after a selection was made”. Of course, for selecting edges, this, then, is wrong in RH6 with the setting checked.

Also, it seems like polysurface faces ought to be shade highlighted with shade highlight enabled, doesn’t? Here I only get the behavior Dan was asking about if all the surfaces are separate - joined faces only highlight the wires.



But then the text needs to be changed to " […] selected (sub-) surfaces and polysurfaces" :wink:

(and " […] selected meshes and faces")