Selecting control points commands don't work on subd

I’m talking about these commands:

They don’t seem to work on subd

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they won’t because subd does have uv directions- only loops-

That’s irrelevant. The necessity is there.

That doesn’t make any sense.
what do you expect to happen apart from selecting loops?

selecting control points in these loops with that same button.

Also makes no sense that “add control point” is a new command for subd, it just have to be made that the same command is used for mesh, surface and subd.

Adding control points and selecting control points should be the same command that recongnizes the type of object and select it instead of using different commands and creating different toolbars for that.

So you want “select loop”? That is what @theoutside suggested right away in his answer.

Why don’t you just doubleclick on the dottet line between points of the loop you want to select. Much faster than selU/selV. Works with surfaces too (if you enable it in options)

no I want to select the control points in a row (column), I don’t care how it is called internally.

like I said, it’s irrelevant.

But “loop” is doing exactly that.

I don’t know how to say it differently.

Why having a new command?
These two work for mesh and nurbs, it should be these to be modified that it recongnizes it’s a subd and selects a loop of control points (if you so like to use the term) in one direction and another button for another direction

Yes that tool is irrelevant in subd,

But you can do what you want with another method already.

Click a point, then double click an adjacent point. >poof!< row of points (or edges, or faces) .

or if you want a partial loop, click the start point, then the end point and then double click a point next to either the start or end point and they fill in between

you also have these tools already. Point and edge loop are identical, so there is only edge loop select tool-

I don’t know how to say it differently, but as I told you, you don’t need any command, just a double-click.
Why does a command you don’t need to use irritate you so much?

Edit: I see @theoutside demonstrated all the possibilities of “loop-selecting”

Why should someone’s workflow be forced on all users. I don’t need/want to double click in every case. Plus, double click doesn’t work for control points AFAIK.

It does work with control points/surfaces, you need to enable it in options.

I still fail to see your problem to be frank.
With “edge loop” you can select vertices with nearly the identical workflow as with selU/selV and control points (as much as this is possible given the topological differences).
Alternatively you can select loops and part of loops in any conceivable combination with simple double-click and shift-click operations that don’t require any user remotely familiar with rhino to memorise a new command (even without invoking a specific command at all) and you still feel forced into a workflow?
Go figure…

To be completely fair, the current landscape is confusing and admittedly needs some attention. for instance, you can pick a vert, but can’t show it, you can show an edit point but can’t use the vert tricks on it- (BUt if you enable pickable control cage you can use it on control points)

soooo… that begs the question,

since a vert and an edit point technically occupy the same xyz space, (afaik) why can’t they behave identically…everything a vert does, a edit point should be able to do.

OR should we just be able to display verts to avoid the confusion. (or add to it?)

now a control point (CV) are different because they do NOT occupy the same space as verts and edit points (unless you are in box mode) they should IMO behave differently. However, in a subd you do not have a u direction and a v direction so the uv picking stuff won’t work. Which make’s CV’s less useful for subd IMO.


For me modifying control points is a must, You simply can’t work by just dragging faces. You just can’t, the result, mainly the tangent vectors at the edges of this face, is wrong most of the time. I constantly work with control points and vertices (the control points of the edgy mode of subd). I constantly add and remove edges and the form gets messed up very quickly even faces start overlapping eachother and themselves because of this vector, and you have to play around with the control points even more.

when dragging a face when the “mirroring” mode is on sometimes a control point is going to the wrong side, creating even weirder overlaps.

I’m not even gonna start with the “Mirror” mode of subd, Sometimes edges without without crease appear creased on the supposed mirror. But that’s another story.

ok now I’m super confused… you can absolutely edit cv’s edit points and surface vertices of a subd-

what am I missing?