Convert SubD Vertex Selection to Control Points?

Depending on which state you select in, you can get the control points or the smooth vertex points. With MoveUVN -N DIRECTION-, onlycontrol cage points work.

If you pick the points in smooth mode, Tab to box mode, you still can’t use the MoveUVN -N DIRECTION- on what are seemingly the cage points.

the bigger problem is that subds and meshes do not have uvn directions-

Kyle, I think you are right that intrinsically they don’t, but maybe all your ‘smarter than us’ coworkers you have can figure out a way to create implicit UVN directions? Of course this will only work for things with a clean flowing UV (or loop-rings) layout. The minute you have convergence or ngoni disrupting flow things will get messy, but when we designers want to move things along UVN we tend to do it in cleaner UV grid-looking parts of the model.


so, move uvn won’t work,

BUT what I’m hearing is there is a need for a tool that allows you to interact with a subd model much like the uvn tool. (smoothing sliders, moving sliders, etc)

is that correct?


Yes Sr. We need a MoveUVNish


Actually, way simpler than that.

When I say N, I mean, just N. There is a big hook here though, which is that you can only do MoveUVN- N Dir with the SubD Control Point. And the SubD control point is really dumb - you can’t do the double click gestures to get rings of points and such, like you can with vertex/edge/face, and you also can’t VertexEdgeFaceToggle, which is an otherwise super handy new toy.

A workaround which I would be happy with is a SubVertexToControlPointToggle. At least then I can make a quick intelligent selection of vertices, change the selection into CPs, and then move the N for a bit of padding/softness and so on. The box mode points are literally coincident with the control points, but the control points are just harder to get at.

I would happily just take a tool which gives me the N direction. Not U or V. I’ll continue to cope with Slide and Snappy dragging and Smooth and Gumball Align to View etc. I dare say it wouldn’t be simple to plumb the ability to MoveUVN- N Direction for a vertex instead. Literally, the UV sliders can just continue to sit there doing nothing still, that’s fine by me.


Get that working for me, and I will happily join in batting away the people wanting UV like Gustavo. Even if it’s just pretend :wink:

Even just MoveNish. It seems so close within reach.

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written up-

Thanks Kyle. Can it be made Public too? Just again to force home the point, N dir works on control points and just could do with it being extended to the actual intelligently-selectable geom (vertices).

Hi Kyle,

Just some quick thoughts:

Ability to align edges to curves? Like we can with points. At the moment we can use the FaceEdgeVertxToggle though I guess for switching into points.

How can we delete a point on a SubDFace? Say you have an ngon, try and delete a vert to get back to a quad.

VariableOffsetSubD some time maybe too?

Could OffsetSubD keep creases where you have them? I’m not seeing that at the moment.

it’s on the list!

stitch the two points you want to combine into 1.

yep- on the list

currently in development

Thanks Kyle!

That’s what I do, take an edge loop and convert it to a vert selection, then Align > To Curve. Sometimes you need to InsertPoint on the edges first so there’s enough info to match the curve.

Yeah that makes sense. I mean, the result would be the same right? Or would the result depend on if you’re in box/smooth, or if you selected in box/smooth mode?

It’s good that you at least don’t lose your selection. The command doesn’t report back much (such as doesn’t accept edges).

Smooth mode will be the SubD edit points while Box mode will be the SubD control points (F10) so the results will differ. I have used smooth mode for the SubD when pulling verts to a curve most of the time so far but there have been occasions where pulling the ctrl pts worked better.

Kyle also filed this one yesterday so you don’t have to toggle the edge loop to verts.

Yeah, that’s nice. I imagine you can probably also run the FaceEdgeVertex toggle (or your alias) command inside of the align command.