Can't select SubD faces... or points for that matter... [+ my suggestions]

First off, the good:
I congratulate you for getting the nudge commands to work! (clayoo didn’t make it happen)

Now to the bad:
I press the button/icon “select face loop”. I get this:

I Command: _SelFaceLoop
Unknown command: _SelFaceLoop

Thoughts (comparing this to t-splines):

  • I should be able to select individual faces obviously, but there is not icon for that.
  • I should be able to select individual points, not just edges and faces.
  • I noticed that if I select an edge loop (for example) and then do a command like, say, “add creases”, it asks me to reselect the edges although I already had them selected! It’s little things like that that make the workflow more complicated than it needs to be…
  • I should be able to delete points/edges/faces with the delete key to make holes in the object.
  • I think the selection of points/edges/faces has to be on the main toolbar tab, not as a sub menu underneath “select SubD objects”.

I’m not going across to fusion, I’d rather stick with rhino. So I’ll be keeping my eye on this WIP…

In the latest WIP…

Yes, this appears to have stopped working, don’t know why/when… Doesn’t work for mesh objects either. @piac, @dalelear

Use SubObject selection - Ctrl+Shift+Click. No need for an icon…

EditSubDPtOn has just been added. It’s still in the very early stages though.

This works as expected here for faces and edges. (Sub-object select face or edge and delete). Looks like you can delete one edit point at a time, but if you select more than one, in certain situations the whole sub-d object gets deleted. @dalelear

Well, things are not cast in concrete yet. You can of course modify the toolbar yourself as needed.

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I was able to model this bicycle saddle today using Rhino WIP.
I noticed that the editing points function kept turning off by itself.

How can I add thickness to a SubD plane with this WIP?:confused::thinking:
Is there going to be a mirror function? Hope so!

It looks very promising!:smiley:

I think things like offset and mirror/symmetry are being worked on.

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With regards to turning subd points on, you can just use F10, or the PointsOn command.

Also check out the command “SelectionFilter” it allows you to set just Vertices/Edges/Faces for subd items when Sub-objects is enabled.

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The difference between F10 and the EditSubDPointsOn command is that with the second, you can select only the edit points you want to turn on instead of turning them all on.

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@Helvetosaur, I did not know that, just tried it, this is also useful. Thanks.

Got that, thanks.