Select one sub-part object


I am facing a problem when I want to select a sub-part object by using cross selection it does not work. I am holding the left button and move the mouse from left to right but no object has been selected.

I think that would be a great enhancement to introduce a new selection command (after the tones of selection methods :slight_smile: ) just like in Adobe or other vector graphics program there are two selections, one for the whole object one for editing the geometry. In rhino it could be two type of selection (click). Left click would select the whole object, Right click would select the sub parts (edge, curves, surface).

Have you tried selecting using Ctrl+Shift+(pick or window) ? --Mitch

Hi Mitch,

I did try, but I feel it is like a hidden secret. It is always better if commands and icons provide the maximum possibilities of a software. My problem is that no application on the market uses double button to select something and often I switch back to Rhino after one month and just forget how this selection works :slight_smile: . (or alternatively just replace Ctrl+Shift with a single button combination, like Ctrl + Right button. That would be very handy.)

Well, the right button is never used in a picking/selection process in Rhino as far as I know… except to confirm the selection. And unfortunately most/all of the left button + single modifier keys are already used for something else.

There are absolutely no cross-program interface standards for use of shortcut keys and mouse buttons…

Rhino V6 will have a sub-object selection filter you can turn on and off, when on, you can select subobjects like normal objects with a single left mouse button click.


That’s excellent, thanks.

Hi @onrender, There is also the command:
Which I find usefull to make Rhino v5 SHIFT Select & CTRL Select act more like v4 method of sub selection.
Each method has it’s uses but sometimes I need mine to work the way it did in v4 and the v5 method doesn’t do what I want it to. Michael VS