WISH: sub-object selection

I wish it was possible to set left-mouse to select sub-objects by default and the right-mouse-button to select the complete object.

So we don’t have to click on the filter every single time.

No please! Select the object with RMB? so now that finally Blender has incorporated LMB to select objects you want Rhino to became the weirdo?

I agree that Ctrl+Shift+LMB is somewhat a hidden shortcut for newbies, but the change you are proposing is even more obscure.

I’ve thought about a more intuitive way of doing this, I think Rhino should have an object mode and a edit mode. Inside edit mode, we would be able to select edges, vertices and faces with normal LMB. Maybe, double clicking on an object could activate edit mode, like editing a block.

@jespizua, customizable. I do not want impacts. I am merely asking for a way to do it. I also don’t want this as default behavior when I’m not working with sub-objects.

If there is a way currently to do it, via an event watcher or something it will suffice.

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Ok, in that case I don’t have any objections.

But I think the current sub object selection it’s not ideal and McNeel could implement it in a better way.

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btw, when I work with blender that right-click selection drives me crazy :crazy_face: