Select objects on a specific Revit design option

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I’m working with a Revit model that has many design options for a given project. And I will like to select objects from Revit onto rhino from a specific option. Is this possible with Rhino inside?

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There are a few Design Options components that can be downloaded on this guide:

There is also a Design Option under the Filter group. This can be used to select everything in a design option or combined with other filters to get certain types.

Where can I find Document Design Options Node?
I can see Document Links I expect to be here or it is somewhere else?

are you planning to add one here ? or we need to still add manually tp User Object

  1. I tested this one and something is wrong…
  2. also can we mix design option with link model? so we pull an element from link model from specific design option?

@michaldengusiak See this please. There are downloadable python components on the guide. We will convert them to native GH components soon

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@eirannejad yes as you can see on image I am using this UserObject problem is it does not work correctly for me

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Does something like this work? (9.7 KB)

As @eirannejad said a 'Query Design Options" component is planned.

We have added new components for Design Options.

Please update your Rhino.Inside Revit here.

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@kike thanks a lot it works great inside live Architect project

however, how can I get it working via the linked model?
I am missing the ability to connect Document to Design options so can filter by linked model, design option and category… I can not see my Design Options from Linked model

All the Query components have an optional Document parameter.
Zoom in on the component a plus sign should appear at the top to allow you to add it.

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wooow perfect
tested and approved! :slight_smile: