Using RIR to select objects in Revit view

Hi all,
Can I select some specific objects in a revit view? I have a model which is not well-organized – everythings are all at workset 1. Now what I want to do is select objects and then put them onto different workset. Say, I want to select all the grid lines then put them to the “GRID LINES” workset.
I know you can select everything then filter out the rest, but it will make my computer laggin forever…
I know you can also go into the Visibility/Graphics to set a filter to make the other things to be invisible…
But what I want is a more direct way to just select some specific category / family / type. so you can select grid lines / scope boxes / some perticular workset directly.

Are you familiar with creating Filtered Element Collections?

You can gather and sort your Elements in a variety of ways, if you want to select from grasshopper you can use the Select Element component.

Many thanks Japhy, this is what I want to do~~ This is really cool~ :grinning: