Receive Design Options

How to receive Design Options from Revit file in another way than selecting Elements and by Element.Decompose component? The workaround I described is computationally heavy task.

I need input for Element.DesignOptionFilter.

See the attached grasshopper definition. It has a python node to output all design options in a document
Any of the design options can be passed to the element filter

An issue has been filed to track progredd.

design (7.4 KB)


Hi @eirannejad

Back to the topic. If I remember correctly, your solution worked for me in the past, but strangely it is not working anymore. Maybe I was using Revit 2019 back then? Now I am on 2020 version.

Python component outputs design options but If I pass them to the Desing Options Filter, I am only receiving walls from the Main Model.

design option (9.2 KB)
design (3.9 MB)

There was a bug with the Logical And filter that has been resolved. Please download the new Rhino.Inside.Revit release from here: Rhino.Inside®.Revit

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Hi @eirannejad - Is it possible to create new Design Options and assign Grasshopper-populated Revit elements into them from Grasshopper? I’m not seeing any components that do exactly this, but maybe I’m overlooking something.


Hi @woodhouse,

I’m afraid currently there is no API in Revit to do this.


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Hi @kike

I’m looking for more clarification on the @woodhouseis comment above.

I believe there are two questions - Is the answer no for both?

  1. Can Grasshopper create new design options?
  2. Can Rhino geometry be imported into Revit through Grasshopper onto specific Design Options?

I’m interested in the second question.

it possible to have Rhino geometry imported on a Revit Design Option (created in Revit) and stay on that design option?

I’ve been importing Rhino geometry through Grasshopper into Revit and for some reason the geometry doesn’t stay on the assigned Design Option.

Thank you,


There isn’t a lot available in the Revit API for design options, Elements created will go on the projects active design option.