Receive Design Options

How to receive Design Options from Revit file in another way than selecting Elements and by Element.Decompose component? The workaround I described is computationally heavy task.

I need input for Element.DesignOptionFilter.

See the attached grasshopper definition. It has a python node to output all design options in a document
Any of the design options can be passed to the element filter

An issue has been filed to track progredd.

design (7.4 KB)


Hi @eirannejad

Back to the topic. If I remember correctly, your solution worked for me in the past, but strangely it is not working anymore. Maybe I was using Revit 2019 back then? Now I am on 2020 version.

Python component outputs design options but If I pass them to the Desing Options Filter, I am only receiving walls from the Main Model.

design option (9.2 KB)
design (3.9 MB)

There was a bug with the Logical And filter that has been resolved. Please download the new Rhino.Inside.Revit release from here:

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Hi @eirannejad - Is it possible to create new Design Options and assign Grasshopper-populated Revit elements into them from Grasshopper? I’m not seeing any components that do exactly this, but maybe I’m overlooking something.


Hi @woodhouse,

I’m afraid currently there is no API in Revit to do this.


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