Not able to select rhino model in Revit

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone help me out here.
I have made a form in rhino inside and linked that form to Revit using grasshopper.
It shows up it Revit model but I am not able to select it in Revit model.
I have attached grasshopper coding and Revit model and rhino model screenshot

Please share if anything, It’s urgent for my studio finals.

Are you still having this issue? It looks like you have pinned elements selectable. Can you post the file? Thanks.

Yes, Please can you help me out, I have attached files to the link here.

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The only thing i’m seeing is that the Mass Category is turned off in the 3D view.

The Rhino document units needs to match the Revit units, which is in Feet.

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Thank you Japhy for taking time out and solving it!
It help me a lot.